Petty Theft: It’s fine line for cover band that adds own touches
“Some people think you put together a tribute band and start packing shows and making good money,” says Monroe Grisman, guitarist and backing vocalist for Petty Theft, the Bay Area group that made a name for itself playing hits and rarities from the songbook of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.
“It’s not really true. Most of us have day jobs, and playing covers isn’t easy. You have to learn the songs well, because even the most tone-deaf guy at the back of the room knows every note to every song — and if you’re playing it 'wrong.’ [Read More...]
Petty Theft steals the show... Tribute band from Novato excels
Songs already written. Check. Reputation established long ago. Double-check. Instant fame and fortune. Not so fast. [Read More...]
Local tribute bands a worthy alternative
Playing people’s favorite music is a good way to draw crowds, said Grisman of Petty Theft, but it’s a big responsibility. The fans know how the classic hits should sound.

“It’s double-edged,” Grisman said. “Yes, everybody knows these songs, but they really know these songs, and they know if it’s right.” [Read More...]
Best of the North Bay 2012
Voted Best Band of the North Bay (Marin) [Read More...]
Don't Tom around here no more
Part of the hard-rockin' band's strength is the ability to steer clear of caricature—no top hats or rose-colored granny glasses—while staying true to Petty's essence. "We have never tried to be Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers and never will&—that would be un-Petty-like and totally defeats the spirit of his vibe....
"We play the music and we play it very well and with a lot of love and passion for it. It's really a shared experience as we're really a celebration of the music more than a tribute band—we celebrate together with the fans as we are both fans of Tom Petty. [Read More...]